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About Me

Emiy Bailey Just Tourism

I am Emily Bailey; I have worked in the travel industry since 2011. 


I believe that tourism should be just that -  tourism. Responsible, sustainable and regenerative tourism are all methods to ensure tourism is a force for good worldwide. One day we will get to a point where no adjective is needed in front of tourism; destinations and tour operators will just have these methods ingrained in their vision and values. And I am here to help you on that journey. 

My experience spans 20 years; I have worked for some big travel brands in the UK, selling tours, creating product and managing DMC relationships within the adventure sectors.

My passion lies in adventure and sustainable tourism, having spent most of my working life in this sector. I have worked closely with worldwide Destination Management Companies and UK tour operators so understand supply chain relationships.



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About Just Tourism

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Just Tourism is a sustainable tourism consultancy set up by Emily Bailey. 

There is a shift that is gaining momentum with an increasing number of tour operators and their supply chains wanting to be more transparent on their sustainability strategy. To do this we need to measure and set realistic goals that are unique and achievable for your business and supply chain.

Just Tourism offers bespoke sustainable tourism policies focussing on the three tenets of sustainability - environmental, social and economic impacts. I use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to steer thinking and help you engage your suppliers and partners in the process. 

We can no longer act as a silo and collaboration with your suppliers, partners and even competitors can ensure we move towards a sustainable future and tourism is just that…Just Tourism. 

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