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I offer a range of services to suit your business, from being your freelance sustainability manager to small one-off pieces of work.

We all need to make a small difference for sustainable tourism to be just tourism which is why I am happy to work on projects of all sizes. 

Sustainable Tourism Strategy

Do you want to start navigating your sustainable tourism journey? 

Is it time to move your current strategy in the right direction?

I will create bespoke roadmap tailored to your company's ethos, vision and product niche.  Together we will discover areas where you want to make an impact and devise a plan that reflects your values. Let's turn your sustainability plans into tangible goals.

This is full service strategy will take you on the journey below, give clarity focus and create positive impacts.

Let's start with a no obligation Discovery Call to establish your needs. 

Sustainable Tourism Planning
Figuring out where to begin can feel daunting.  I can work with you to assess current practices, create some quick wins and highlight areas that can create positive impact.

The following services will reduce the overwhelm and create a starting point for your journey.  
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Website Review

When was the last time you reviewed your website's responsible or sustainable tourism pages?

Do you need clear goals and simple to back up your claims and improve your impact reporting?

This entry-level service is designed to kickstart your sustainability journey, providing you with actionable tasks to back up your claims.

Introductory Price: £255 (normal price £340)

Book by 15th May 2024




  • Review of up to 3 ‘Responsible Tourism’ and ‘Sustainable Tourism’ pages of your website. 

  • Five actionable tasks to give substance to your claims

  • 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss current pages

  • 1-hour call to discuss the outcome of the review

Download  my free 'Sustainable Marketing Top Tips' here:

Please note this does not include any copywriting for your webpage

I'm in the process of updating my services, more details on the below coming soon. 
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Supply Chain Discovery

Collaboration is required to ensure we can create a robust sustainable tourism strategy. I will help you discover where your suppliers are on their sustainability journey and work with you and your suppliers to ensure create positive impacts are maximised and well communicated. 

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Product Development

How can you make your product more sustainable and still be appealing to your clients?

  An external audit of  your current product can give a fresh view and steer changes .

 I can produce guidelines for product development that ensure you are meeting your environmental, social and economic targets. 

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Impact Reports

Impact reports are an important part of communicating sustainability both internally and to consumers.

Impact reports show the measure and actions you have taken over the last year and set goals. These can be produced on an annual basis or for each of your itineraries

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