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How can businesses align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to drive positive impact?


GOAL 1: No Poverty

The UNSDGs can help tour operators focus on identifying the impacts of tourism and create positive impacts for communities.

Goal number 1 is 'No Poverty' - this UNSDG aims to ‘end poverty in all its forms everywhere’ - a massive goal. How can tourism help achieve this ambition?

When planning trips and itineraries, we consider their competitive edge; we visualise how they will look on the website, in a brochure, or in a social media story. Behind every enticing itinerary, there can be a means for tourism to directly impact poverty reduction.

Tourism can drive economic growth by supporting micro and small businesses, particularly from underrepresented groups such as women, youths or indigenous communities.

Employment opportunities can arise across the sector for guides, drivers, restaurant staff, and those in supporting services such as farming and laundry. Opportunities to preserve culture through tourism empower local communities to be proud of their heritage and create a more prosperous future.

How can tour operators help communities be empowered by tourism and be in control of their destination? Happy, prosperous communities = happy visitors!

When creating itineraries, consider local accommodations - homestays or owner-managed hotels. Also, consider the impact of excursions and experiences— are they immersive, and do they create cross-cultural understanding?

Consider how to monitor the impact on the host communities. Work with your DMCs to understand how tourism impacts people, how numbers are managed, and how tourism spending is kept in the area.

Tour operators are well placed to make a difference by including more community tourism in itineraries. However, this has to be collaborative, which means working with DMCs and DMOs to identify where the community can prosper from tourism.


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