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Travel and Adventure Intro

Travelling and adventure is part of me. This section of the blog will cover my adventures near and far. I will cover ideas on how to travel locally, sustainably and basically practice what I preach over on the Just Tourism blog.

My travelling started like many others with a post-college backpacking trip to North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Twelve months of travel and I was hooked. I got my dream job with an adventure travel company - I was being paid to talk about travel! And so many more opportunities to travel opened up, and I have now been to every continent, scaled mountains, cycled for days, kayaked, run national trails, experienced diverse history and culture and eaten my way around the world. I even met my husband on a trip to Thailand!

When I am at home, I like to have little adventures and walk or run in the Chilterns and swim in the Thames regularly. I am one of those now prevalent wild swimmers and been swimming outdoors for a very long time! This blog will cover day trips, quick blasts of being outdoors and the longer trips I take. There will be retrospective posts on trips of pre COVID days! Enjoy!


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